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Why Climate Economy Action Network

What is the CLimate Economy Action Network (CLEAN)?


The Climate Economy Education Inc (TCE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that provides education, ideas and resources about how to thrive in a world with a changing climate by reconnecting to nature, our fellow humans and our personal passions.  We focus on educating about business models, related science and lifestyle ideas that are good for the climate, the economy, and humanity. We can decarbonize every sector of the economy and reap health, financial and environmental benefits. There are infinite ideas and opportunities out there for everyone, to create our future with a world in balance, and TCE seeks out all those ideas and opportunities and brings them to you here. We also connect you to others in your community and across the globe with like-minded aspirations and interests.


The CLimate Economy Action Network, part of TCE, is an on-and offline community for idea generation and incubation. Our main goals on CLEAN are to:

  1. Help people nurture ideas that are good for the climate/economy/humanity (climate ventures) through lifelong education,
  2. Help people build teams and find resources, from investment to expertise to people, to carry out community and business projects in the real world, and
  3. Get people used to taking target actions in our local communities that build value by increasing resilience, reducing emissions, and helping people lead healthier, productive lives.

It's a new kind of entrepreneurship for everyone and everything, where opportunities for growth are not restricted to savvy executives with massive venture capital investments, but available to everyone. 


Depending on our needs and aspirations, we can work with a "points" system to trade on actions and expertise, or we can build and invest in completely new climate ventures. 


Right now we're working on building climate ventures in Carbondale, Illinois and the St. Louis Metro East area of Illinois. If you're interested in getting your community rolling on CLEAN, contact us: 618 713 2896/


What is a climate venture?


A climate venture is an idea (business, community group, event, etc.) that is simultaneously good for the climate, economy and humanity.

  • Climate: The space that contains us and determines whether we prosper as a species: "Not the entire planet but the thin biofilm of our Critical Zone...the thin layer in which life has radically modified the earth’s atmosphere and geology – as opposed either to the space beyond or to the deep geology below" (LaTour, 2018). Climate Wins: reduced pollution, safe drinking water, flourishing forests, biodiversity, stable climate. In the climate economy, we work not only to protect nature, but to work with it and to help it flourish.
  • Economy: Each entity's (individual, organization, business) role in that zone. Your role consists of yourself, your relationships and your job. You thrive authentically by identifying your role and productively carrying it out. We're aiming for individual and collective prosperity and fulfillment instead of obscene riches. We find new ways and means of rewarding people that is a reflection of true human values. This results in a connected, healthy society. Economic Wins: new industries and jobs, sustainable resource use, removal of inefficiencies, waste optimization, recycling. In the climate economy, a job is not only to build wealth, but to fulfill our purpose in life. We measure growth through increases in life-supporting jobs, ventures and connections, not increases in consumption and executive bonuses.
  • Humanity: Every individual's well being and all their connections and influences, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as they determine their path through life. Human Wins: Purposeful work, community involvement, lifelong learning, better health. In the climate economy, we work not only for ourselves, but for the betterment of all humanity.


Climate ventures help to optimize every individual's impact in a positive way. This way, we can create the future where everyone can thrive authentically.  


What can I do on CLEAN?


On CLEAN, you can:

  • Post ideas and opportunities,
  • Learn about target actions you can take to earn points or other compensation,
  • Keep ideas private until they're ready, share them with your team, or share them with the public,
  • Build teams or participate as team members,
  • Build up ideas into businesses or community organizations,
  • Take courses in a wide variety of topic areas,
  • Find funding, a mentor or advisor,
  • Learn about the Climate Venture Map and many basic concepts of starting up a new venture,
  • Earn points, and reward points to others.

We're just getting started so jump on board for some fun.

What we do

The goal is to get all kinds of climate ventures rolling, online and offline. We have a catalyst in each community who helps everyone who wants to get involved in building or participating in climate ventures. On CLEAN we provide a repository for documents, agendas, and other organizational needs. Contact The Climate Economy Education Inc if you have questions or want to chat: 618 713 2896/